Timber Doors Oxford

timber doors oxford
Timber Doors Oxford

Our range of timber windows and doors is one of the most comprehensive range of windows and doors that you are likely to find. All are made to measure to ensure they fit correctly and give you years of trouble free pleasure. The beauty of timber is unsurpassable and if looked after will last for many generations and so we take pride in every window and door we offer.

The best timber doors in Oxford

All windows and doors have concealed drainage systems to the glass rebates and are gasket glazed. However the section sizes and ironmongery options resemble those of more traditional windows.

The paint and stain finish applied to the timber is of an exceptionally high standard and being factory finished there is no work or extra cost to the customer.

Timber windows and doors are more than just a plug for a hole in the wall and they become an architectural feature, pleasing to the eye both internally and externally.

Some of the other types of doors we install include; french doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors.

Timber Doors

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