Secondary Glazing Oxford

secondary glazing oxford
Secondary Glazing Oxford

Secondary glazing has stood the test of time and remains the best form of insulation for homes, offices, public and private sector buildings against heat loss, draughts and noise intrusion.

Secondary glazing is easy to install and an excellent solution for listed buildings.

Mcleans Windows are able to provide perfect tailor-made units to suit the style of your property.

Windows in our range are aesthetically designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing decor and are available in a full range of colours.

Tailor made units are manufactured to exact specifications. Combined with our highly efficient sealing qualities, this makes our system the obvious choice for the discerning buyer.

Window styles available: Fixed, hinged, lift outs, horizontal sliders, easy clean tilt-in counter balanced verticals.

The benefits of secondary glazing include:

Sound reduction
Tests carried out at the BRE in Watford on a primary window that then had our secondary glazing installed behind it achieved the following results:

4mm Glass



(Percentage indicates reduction in sound through the window)

6mm Glass






Acoustic Glass




Eliminating draughts and energy efficiency

Draughts can create cold spots around a room which can result in heating being turned up in order to compensate. The tight tolerances designed in our secondary glazing system keep cold air and dust out whilst retaining the warm air in the building.


Secondary glazing can help to tackle condensation.


Frames are securely fixed making them difficult to open from the outside.

Easy installation

Little mess or intrusion.


Less expensive than primary systems.

Fly Screens

We can install fly screens behind a glazed panel to offer additional protection throughout the year from airborne and crawling insects.

Why Choose Mcleans Windows?

All of our products are designed & custom made exactly to suit your chosen style & property. We cant give you an accurate price on line before seeing your project but we can give you the following commitments:

  • We pride ourselves on establishing your accurate needs in terms of window specification such that you can create the benchmark for ‘like for like’ prices for the work.
  • Our team of window designers are experienced in all aspects of the industry and will be able to identify the best product for your home
  • We would always look to provide you with a written quotation with all aspects of the work clearly laid out.
  • We strive for attention to detail from start to finish from quotation to installation and beyond
  • All of our work carries extensive warranties with added back up insurance for the ultimate peace of mind

Secondary Glazing

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