Timber Alternative Windows Oxford

timber alternative windows oxford
Timber Alternative Windows Oxford

The Reality of Timber in Oxford...

Without a shadow of doubt, the material of choice for many discerning homeowners is timber but for many, the cost of a modern high performance timber window in Oxford can far exceed both budget and the cost of alternative materials such as pvcu.

Also, whilst timber window products have made great strides in offering higher levels of performance in terms of warranty, maintenance and other key features, uPVC as a material will still always offer a much less involved and rigorous maintenance schedule.

On this basis, the market has responded with timber alternative window products which allow aspiring discerning homeowners to install products that have the 'wow' factor in terms of kerb side and internal aesthetical appeal and at times are almost indecipherable from real wood.

The Concept...

The fundamental concept of a timber alternative window is to first apply a woodgrain foil to both sides of the window profile. This grained foil, typically white, gives a textured grained finish, consistent with that of high end hardwood timber windows in Oxford.

Not only does this white foil finish allow the customer the up close comfort of seeing the grain, more importantly, in terms of kerb side appeal, the white foil acts a 'matting' agent and immediately removes the look of the 'shiny white plastic' window.

White Woodgrain Foil and Beyond…

As stated above, typically the most common timber alternative foil is white in colour but as the market has expanded for these types of products, the spectrum of available colours has increased.

The choice is almost endless with a range of core foil finishes in cream, black, grey, green and this is further supplemented by the modern process of colour-bonding pvcu with any RAL colour such that you can create a window which has a grained colour finish to match your home both inside and outside.

A Range of Stains…

The timber alternative windows in Oxford not only mimics painted timber windows but can also replicate stained wooden windows with a choice of grained foils in darker rosewood and light or Irish type oak, which can also then be mixed and matched with either smooth or foiled white or any RAL colour internally to offer the ultimate choice of window colour finish.

The Shape of the Window…

Not only is the timber alternative window applied with the grained timber looking foil finish but also the product utilises a choice of various combinations of window profiles which are both ornate and putty line in appearance, which allows your own timber window to be mimicked and created to suit your property and the desired new look post installation.

Construction Methods…

Once you have chosen the combination of profile shapes to suit your property, the timber alternative window can then be constructed and fabricated in a variety of ways which further enhances the timber look.

Typically this will involve knifing the corner welds of the product such that you don’t see the large corner grooves usually associated with shiny white pvcu windows. Also, there is the option to mechanically joint the vertical mullion and horizontal transom sections, which gives a finished jointing line consistent with old timber production methods.


One of the key features of a timber alternative window, which can easily be added and the effect is enormous for such a simple addition, is the use of fixed dummy sashes to create that even glass sightline that very obviously and immediately defines a window as being wooden in its appearance.

Traditional Handles..

The final addition to make your timber alternative window complete is the choice of handles and fittings. For relatively low cost, traditional monkey tail type handles and stays can be fitted to the window to add that finishing touch that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

The Material Benefit

As is demonstrated above, the timber alternative window can be assembled using many key and optional features from the simple addition of a woodgrain white foil through to all singing and dancing additions such as dual colour foil, timber profiling, mechanical jointing, even sightlines and traditional monkey tail type furniture…all at a much more affordable cost with the added peace of mind of low maintenance, high security and maximum energy efficiency.

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Timber Alternative Windows

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