Soffits Oxford

soffits oxford
Soffits Oxford

At Mcleans Windows our roofline products provide a permanent solution to those awkward areas under the eaves. So no need for ladders, scaffolding and expensive external re-decorating costs. Our products beautifully complement our window systems for that complete, pristine, low maintenance look that adds visual appeal and value to your home.

This is where ventilation holes are generally provided so as to avoid condensation occurring within the roof void, which would ultimately lead to damp and mould on the timbers of your roof.

Soffits in Oxford from Mcleans Windows

Mcleans Windows have a full range of soffits to improve the look of your home and reduce essential maintenance.

Timber soffits have been used traditionally in Oxford to enhance a home's exterior. This has required significant maintenance to ensure your home does not encounter problems with rot, rust, mould and insects, and to ensure your home continues to look smart and clean.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of long-lasting, low-maintenance soffits that all come with a 10-year guarantee.

Now you can dramatically transform the exterior of your home with Mcleans Windows, confident that it’ll keep its looks for many, many years to come and with the minimum of maintenance, meaning no more painting.

All of our soffits are available in a range of styles and finishes again to match and compliment your home.

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